J-Card Design: Saint Everett

I was presented with the opportunity to create the visual identity for first album release by artist and friend, Saint Everett. I was given the track list and the album name as a sort of jumping off point for the design process. Through these materials we came up with some imagery that would best suit the theme of the album. The album was named “piano improvisations from deep in the forest” which led to the initial idea for the front panel of the J-card. I decided to use a photo from the US National Parks Department’s archives as a starting point for the design. The artist and I knew we wanted to incorporate a personal detail into the design which is where the idea for the black cat came from. The black cat is representative of the artist’s pet and holds significance in the album. To continue the forest theme, I created transparent overlays of mushrooms to embellish the back and side panels. This design was created with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Front view of the J-card. 2021
Inside view of the J-card. 2021.