a letter from mckenna.


As you may have read, my name is McKenna. I recently was gifted this web address by my dad who has been saving it for me since I was a baby. His reasoning was that it was very difficult to get your name in a URL so he wanted me to have my own. The original idea was that I would connect the website to my LinkedIn. Boring, I know. So I have decided to turn it into a blog. My intention is to document the next four years of my life because it is probably the biggest, most exciting shift I have made in my life (as of now).

To frame this situation, I have lived in Texas my entire life. I have had the same friends for most of that time, the same neighborhoods, same restaurants, basically same everything. Before you ask, no, I don’t ride a horse to school and no, I don’t wear cowboy boots (out of functionality at least).

When considering all of those things, you can understand the shock of my next move. In the fall of this year I will be shipping my things almost 2,000 miles north, alone. College in New York City. It really is the dream for me. When I saw the view I would have from my dorm I knew it was the place. It sounds really cliche but the view alone was so inspiring.

So this blog will not be exclusively about upcoming trends and the street food you should try. It’s also for me, a documentation of my toils and experiences in this part of my life. Kind of like a diary except not private and not about my middle school crushes. Enjoy the ride.