NueQuiz Installation
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  • Software Terms of Use

  • This software is FREE, it may be used on any web site and must include a link back to NueDream's website NueQuiz may also be distributed on any site as long as notification is given to NueDream first.

  • Installation Instructions

  • ... Installing ...

    1. Unzip into any directory.

    2. Open the directory you just created. It should contain quiz.cgi, edit.cgi, readme.htm, and questions.db.

    3. Open up edit.cgi with any text editor.
    - eg. Microsoft ® Notepad.

    4. Make sure you change the USER VARIABLES, $editurl and $password.

    5. Upload quiz.cgi, edit.cgi, questions.db into your cgi-bin directory.

    6. CHMOD quiz.cgi and edit.cgi to 755.

    7. CHMOD questions.db to 777.

    ... Extra Options ...

    You may also change several other things in NueQuiz to spice things up. If you open up quiz.cgi you will notice several variables on top of the script.
    Most are described in the quiz and are pretty simple to understand. However the @list, and $spacer variables are a little different.

    @list is simple an array or list of values that correspond to each answer in a question, you may change these to anything you like as long as it is only 1 character long.
    - eg. @list = ('1','2','3','4','5','6'); is a valid list.
    - eg. @list = ('a1','a2','a3','a4','a5','a6'); is not a valid list.

    The $spacer is basically a delimiter or pipe for the database, by default it is set to | . This does not affect the way the quiz is displayed at all, it is simply for purposes of customization of the quiz. Make sure however that if you change the spacer variable in edit.cgi you also change it in quiz.cgi and vice-versa.

    ... Common Problems ...

    - If you get a fatal error saying you have not used a valid way to access this program, that means your $editurl variable is incorrect, make sure it is the exact location of your edit.cgi file with no trailing slashes.

    - If your quiz does not look right, some question(s) do not display the proper information or are missing information you put in, try to manually look at the database file by opening it in a text editor, and look for any signs of inconsistency. NOTE: This problem is very rare. You can change or totally remove the line that is inconsistent with the others. If you know what you are an advanced user you can try to fix the problem manually.

    ... Accessing the Quiz ...

    You can access the quiz by typing in the location of your cgi-bin directory, then the name of the quiz file (quiz.cgi) then the type of quiz (beginner, novice, expert)
    - eg.
    This will display the first question of the expert quiz, you can access beginner and novice the same way.

  • Disclaimer

  • By using NueQuiz you agree that NueDream will not be held responsible for any aspect of violations of privacy and/or security. Our product is secure to the best of our knowledge, however it may contain flaws.

  • Contact

  • For all questions, problems, bug reports, or general inquiries please visit where you will find an easy and convenient mail-form, as well as our active email addresses.

    As a user of NueQuiz, you can also direct your inquiries to

    NOTE: All the email addresses which were previously listed here are no longer active.