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Getting ready for Halloween 2008!

Monday October 20 2008

Trying on alternative costumes and making them yourselves is a blast!

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Everett's 3rd Birthday Party

Tuesday May 20 2008

A family gathering on a nice warm day in the shade was just what the doctor ordered for a perfect 3rd birthday. The kids played in the sprinkler and pools while Everett ran around in rain galoshes and pushed a wheelbarrow. Too fun!

Happy 3rd Birthday Everett!!

Tuesday May 13 2008

Everett Enjoys a nice quiet birthday at home. He has really grown and shows it. Cupcakes and arty hats were the order of the day. Not shown are his new Thomas trains, which he loves. We will have a camera soon so we can capture these moments for the gallery. Happy birthday Everett! We love you.

McKenna's Big Day

Monday February 11 2008

January 2008 - McKenna's 7th Birthday. This long video has footage from the cake to the final bike ride. A great day of celebration.
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Happy 7th Birthday

Monday February 11 2008

It just goes to show that I don't really know anything at all. We did not prepare for McKenna's birthday in a very big way. We had decided on just gathering family instead of friends due to the hassle and cost. I was starting to think it would be a real downer for her. She has had several birthdays that were superkid loaded at Chuck E Cheese, bowling alleys, etc, and I did not want it to seem like a "norm" and her expectation be to top it each year.

So here we are with the fam, a simple gathering which, low and behold, became a great party after all. It was still just family, but you just can not underestimate the power of that word. Everyone was great and McKenna was in great spirits to boot. Erin made a crazy cool cake (see video entry) and the kids had a great time playing. McKenna got a bike upgrade for her birthday, moving to a 20" geared beast of a machine that completely shocked her (see the video post "McKenna's Big Day" for shockitude).

So you never know what will happen, and how great a day can be, even when you take away expense and kid candy hyperness. It was a great day and will go down as one of McKenna's best yet.

Halloween 2007

Monday January 7 2008

Halloween fun at home with the kids!
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Happy Holidays!

Monday January 7 2008

From all of us here at the Carpenter-Klanicas, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

We had a great time this year. I was able to take almost two weeks off, something I have not done at holiday time before. It was great. A lot of projects got wrapped up and/or started, and I enjoyed the time with the kids and Erin immensely. We had family photos done again this year and I will post them soon. I am still sad that we do not have a real camera at this point, but we are making do. I have some great videos to post from Christmas, the Children's Museum, and other events. Hopefully I can get them up soon.

I hope your holidays were full of fun, family, love and peace.

Family Thanksgiving 2007

Saturday January 5 2008

Thanksgiving 2007 - A down home family holiday with Everett doing the carving.
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Hot Dog Excited

Thursday December 20 2007

I have never really seen anything like it. A little early for his age, we bought Everett a new bed. I have not heard of too many two year olds in a full size bed, but this was a deal we could not pass up. The moment he saw this he started jumping up and down like a rabbit...literally. He was so excited to get a "big boy" bed. It was fun to watch. Once the mattress was in I realized just how BIG it was compared to his tiny body. He was starting to look concerned and seemed a tad scared the first night. I laid with him for a while and he went right to sleep. One more step in kids growing too fast, I am a bit sad to put away a major part of his childhood, the toddler bed/crib. Both our children used the same one, and now it may be taken down forever. Like I said, one more step...

Guest Comments Back Online

Thursday November 15 2007

You can now leave comments again for the kids. This was disabled in the past due to a script error and SPAM. The security code is case sensitive. Thanks!


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