McKenna Paige

Zero birthday: 1-24-2001
Eye color: Dark blue-gray (became deep brown)
Hair color: light brown (currentlyred-auburn)
Length at birth: 19.75 inches
First time to stick out tongue (on purpose): 1-24-2001
First car ride (besides the ride home): 1-26-2001
First bath: 1-26-2001
First trip to Target: 1-26-2001
First time to lift her own head (try at least): 1-28-2001
First smile: 1-29-2001
First smell of roses: 1-30-2001
First trip to Home Depot: 1-30-2001
First time to sleep all night: 1-31-2001 (10PM to 6 AM)
First time to appreciate Kinkade Paintings: 1-31-2001
First time to roll from her back to her side (all by herself!): 2-3-2001
First doctor visit: 2-15-2001 (weight: 8 lbs. 14 oz. length: 21.5 inches)
First baby food: sweet potatoes 5/19/2001
First fever: 5/30/2001
Grew out of her first outfit: 2-4-2001
Cord fell off: 2-4-2001
4 month check up: 15 lbs 14 oz
Rolling easily from back to front (but not vice versa): 5/15/2001
Easily hold rattle or other toys without help: 5/10/2001
Consecutive months with a full night's sleep: 13 (not a's wonderful. Streak ended 5/3/2002)
6 month check up: 21 lbs
Crawled for the first time: 8-25-2001
Stood in bed the first time: 9-1-2001
Stood on her own without holding onto anything: 10-16-2001
Said first word "momma": 10-17-2001
Said second word "baby": 10-27-2001
Said third word "da da": 10-30-2001
Went to my first Wurstfest: 11-2-2001
Took first steps (3): 10-19-2001
Had my first birthday party: 1-26-2002
Got my first tooth: 4-8-2002
Began to distinguish colors: 4/27/2002 (blue and purple)
Began to distinguish body parts: 4/15/2002
First trip to the Wildseed Farms: 4/20/2002
I can do high fives now!! 4/1/2002
I climbed up on the furniture all by myself!! 4/15/2002
I can repeat almost anything you say 8/1/2002
I brushed my teeth all by myself! 8/11/2002
I got my very first kitty cat (Cheddar) 8/8/2002
I got my big girl bed! (day bed) 8/29/2002
I used my pacifier for the last time! 8/28/2002
I had my first day of daycare! 9/3/2002
I sat on my potty to pee for the first time! 9/25/2002
I said "I love you" for the first time! 10/7/2002
I know 9 different colors! Blue, black, white, green, yellow, orange, brown, red, and pink! 11/1/2002
I know how to spell my name! 11/15/2002
Went to the zoo for the first time! 11/17/2002
I got my very own slide! 1/24/2003
I can dress myself! 2/2/2003
I went to the zoo for the second time! 3/20/2003
I got my very own pet fish! 3/24/2003
I was on TV for the first time! 5/26/2003
I had my first swimming lesson 6/3/2003
First gymnastics class with Coach Winki 6/4/03
First day of preschool! 8/20/03
Kissed my first boy 9/25/03
I got my first twin bed 4/15/2004
I know how to use the words "actually" and "may I" appropriately in complete sentences. 5/21/2004
Second swimming class 7/05/04
Found out I am having a brother/sister. 9/07/04
Stung by my first bee...OUCH! (at Wurstfest) 11/07/04
Achieved perfect symmetry. I weighed in at 41.5 pounds and measured 41.5 inches in height 11/20/04
Can spell Mom and Dad without prompt (see the art gallery for proof) 12/05/04
Got my first hermit crabs as pets. Their names are Sebastian and Ella. 12/25/04
Told my mom and dad where babies come from (You eat a lot) 1/16/05
Gave myself a hair cut for the first time! (yikes!) 03/16/05
My first soccer game! I am on the team StarBlast (We tied the Rush 5-5) 03/19/05
My first trip to Seaworld! What a blast! 03/21/05
Made my first volcano out of paper mache 04/10/05
Became a big sister 05/12/05
Can do basic addition and subtraction up to 10 05/24/05
Ate my first shrimp and crab! 07/27/05
My first trip to the beach (Rockport) 07/27/05
Started learning to ride my bike without training wheels 04/15/06
Started reading on my own 04/27/06
First day of kindergarten 08/16/06
Got to recite the pledge over the intercom 09/26/06

Everett Miles

Zero birthday: May 12, 2005
Eye color: Dark blue-gray
Hair color: Dark brown (became dirty blond)
Length at birth: 20.75 inches
Weight at birth 8 lbs 2 oz
Feet size at birth: HUGE
First attempt to lift his head 05/14/2005
First outing (Gruene Onion Grill) 05/15/2005
First Doctor Visit 05/17/2005
Cord fell off: 05/19/2005
First Dress Up Session with McKenna 05/19/2005
Took my first bath (My cord is not healing well) 05/20/2005
Lift my head regularly now! 05/30/2005
Had my first month's check up 11 lbs 9 oz 23 inches
First trip to Fiesta Texas 06/11/2005
First ride on the Landa train 06/16/2005
Rolled over from my back to my side 06/17/2005
My first smiles came in 06/20/2005
3 month check up time! 13 lbs 9 oz, 25.5 inches!
First attempts to talk (blather jabber) 07/28/2005
My first trip to the beach (Rockport) 07/27/2005
I rolled over from back to front 08/18/2005
I can laugh now! 08/19/2005
I rolled over from back to front to back again! 09/10/2005
4 month check up time 17 lbs 1 oz, 27.25 inches! I am in the 95th percentile.
Easily hold rattle or other toys without help: 10/03/2005
Ate my first food! 11/16/2005 (Sweet potatoes of course!)
I can crawl! 12/20/2005
I got my first tooth! (lower right) 01/03/2006
Can stand up holding on to things 01/12/2006
Can take steps holding on to things 01/25/2006
Had my first major procedure (Colonoscopy and Endoscopy) 02/06/2006
9 month check up 21.7 lbs 29.75 inches
Played catch for the first time with dad 03/08/2006
Fed myself for the first time...well sort of 03/09/2006
I stood up on my own (for a little while...) 03/13/2006
Said my first word (momma) 03/13/2006
Said my second word (dada) 03/13/2006
Got my third and fourth teeth 05/01/2006
Started drinking soy milk with no problem! 05/02/2006
Got my first Cubs hat 05/02/2006
I can wave hello and goodbye 05/21/2006
I can say kitty, dada, and momma 05/30/2006
Took my first steps, solo 06/20/2006
Showed my first signs of empathy (pulled my sister's hair and it made me cry) 07/12/2006
Chipped my front tooth 07/05/2006
Fifteen month checkup 23 lbs 14 oz 33.25 inches (that's 3.5 inches in 6 months!!!)
I can say 'uh oh' and 'light' 08/15/2006
I can do high fives now!! 9/1/2006
I brushed my teeth all by myself! 9/21/2006
Diagnosed with asthma 10/21/2006
My favorite word is "No" 12/11/2006
Can easily use a spoon and fork and prefer to feed myself (left handed of course) 12/11/2006
18 month checkup 33.25 inches and 21 lbs
I got my big boy bed! (day bed) 6/15/2007
I sat on my potty to pee for the first time! 7/2/2007