Aspirations and Habits

McKenna Paige

My goals and aspirations

I would like to be one or all of the following someday:

  • Animal Doctor
  • Sea Captain
  • Princess
  • Firewoman
  • Scuba Diver
  • Ambulance driver
  • Doctor
  • Baby Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Chef
  • Cowgirl
  • Spaceman
  • Waitress
  • Train driver (Engineer)
  • Ballerina
  • Horse trainer
  • Clothing designer
  • Clothing model
  • Artist
  • Race Horse Jockey

Some of my current habits include:

05/14/06 - McKenna has taken to using mouthwash. It is a great way to help clean her teeth (you never know how well she brushes sometimes). She considers it a challenge to keep it in her mouth long enough for her face to turn red!

06/08/05 - McKenna has developed her first nicknames for Everett. She calls him "Little Fella" and "Mini man." She is very helpful and feeds and pets him all the time.

04/25/2005 McKenna is obsessed with princess/prince type of fairy tale stories. In fact, any type of medieval story is her kind of story right now. If it has a knight or anyone with a crown, she is ready for it.

04/15/2005 Everything is a competition to McKenna at this point. She races you to the car, the house, the swingset, or even the bathroom. She has to win and she thinks she deserves a trophy for every activity.

07/05/2004 When I lay down for bed, I must sleep in the buff, and I must have three Kleenex, a cup of water, and my teddy bear with me. I also need my room sprayed with "Monster Spray" (a water bottle), to make sure that no monsters can get into my room. Two books must be read, and two big hugs and kisses (the knock you down kind) are required as well.

04/03/2004 McKenna likes to collect "moons." She grabs them out of the sky to keep in her collection. She has to get one from every shape and color. Some look like fingernails, or half a pie. Some are blue, pink, or even brown.

Everett Miles

01/15/2005 McKenna's first love in music was Enya. She responded to it from before birth through several years. Everett never showed an interest in Enya in the womb or for the most part now, but he always responds well to Johnny Cash. He listens to Johnny in the car and at home to calm down and take a break from his stressful day. We think it is the low voice tones that make him so happy.